Spray Foam Insulation Cost UK – The Ultimate Guide 2023

If you’re interested in using spray foam insulation in your home, you’re probably keen to find out how much this is likely to cost. One thing that should be said straight away is that spray foam insulation can certainly cost more than other options on the market such as fibreglass, but spray foam can still offer you better value over the long term, and that’s something we’ll discuss below.

There are many different things that will dictate the cost of the spray foam insulation UK your home requires. Each situation is different and comes with its own set of variables. We’re going to explain all that and lots more in-depth below, so if you’re interested in spray foam insulation and want to learn more about the costs associated with it, read on now.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost Calculator UK

There are some key factors that will influence the price of your spray foam insulation cost uk. The most important ones are the thickness of the insulation, the size of the area that needs to be covered, the installation process and the type of spray foam insulation you choose.

Some of those things will be specific to your property, but there are only two main types of spray foam insulation, and here’s a little more information about each of them.

Open Cell

open cell spray foam is generally considered to be the best option when insulating a loft, walls or floor in the home. This is because this type of spray foam expands and encapsulates the air. This also means that it’s breathable, helping to avoid timber rot.

It acts as a barrier that stops heat escaping and being lost from the home or leaking into the property from the outside. It provides you with the protection you need and doesn’t put your home at risk in any way.

Closed Cell

closed cell is the other option and it’s suitable for different kinds of structures, such as those with a metal frame. This won’t apply to most homeowners but is generally used on boats and large metal containers, as well as other similar structures.

It has a very rigid structure as there is less air in its bubbles. This is good for preventing leaks of air and water but it isn’t very good for timber, and that’s why it’s not ideal for most homes. It’s why it tends to only be used when the structure it’s being applied to is made of metal.

How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost UK?

Spray foam insulation would cost around £4,400 for a three-bedroom semi-detached property.

According to some expert The overall cost of spray foam insulation is somewhere around £35 to £70 per m2 depending upon what type of spray foam is used. In contrast, loose-fill insulation costs around £7.50 per m2, blanket insulation costs around £5 per m2, and a thermal foil layer costs around £3 per m2.

PropertyAverage Size of Property (m²)Average Cost for 100mm Open Spray Foam
3 Bed House100£4,500
2 Bed House65 – 70£3,150
Bungalow70 -75£3,375

Other costs will include labour costs, the removal of outdated or damaged insulation (if required), loft boarding, etc.

To give an example of how much spray foam insulation will cost for your property, we have taken and calculated the average overall cost for different types of properties.

Other costs will include labor costs, removal of outdated or damaged insulation(if required), loft boarding, etc.

Is Spray Foam Insulation a Good Investment?

As we’ve outlined above, the overall cost of the loft insulation and its installation might be more costly to begin with, but that doesn’t make it a bad investment. It’s a cleaner and more efficient options than the others out there and it lasts longer. It will serve your home for a long time to come and generally make it more energy efficient, which is what many homeowners are looking for today.

It can even increase the overall value of your property because people understand that spray foam insulation is the best kind of home insulation available right now. So, in short, spray foam insulation is, in most cases, a good investment for you and your home going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spray foam insulation is really worth it for your property because it can minimise heating expenses nearly by half with reduced noise disturbance. You can simply cherish a quieter and more pleasant space. Astonishingly, it can impact the environment in a pleasant manner with less or no carbon emissions. Allergens as well as other air pollutants are better kept at bay with spray foam insulation. Compare Quotes Guru, is the most visited site for comparing quotes. With years of experience, we can guarantee that you will receive the finest quotations and assistance. Our expertise has enabled us to establish excellent ties with leading contractors across the country.
Half of a home’s heat is lost through walls, roofs, and other air leakage spots, prompting your heating system to try to compensate and costing you more energy bills. But a coating with spray foam insulation can lower your energy expenses to a considerable extent. It is adaptable enough to insulate spaces where doing so would normally be more challenging. It naturally reduces external noise, so your property will benefit from superior acoustics. An airtight seal is produced by the stiffened foam. It is resistant to mould and dampness. Moisture is kept away by the spray foam. The long-lasting performance of insulation foam is also applauded by everyone. It is environmentally friendly too.

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