What To Know Before Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

What To Know Before Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Installing solar panels is one of the most sought-after home upgrades amongst UK homeowners. So, if you’ve been searching the internet for solar panels UK installation services, you are far from alone.

The great news is that it is an upgrade that will transform your home for the better. To unlock the full potential of a solar panels installation project, though, you must do it in style by preparing yourself for what to expect. This quick guide will answer all of your key questions, including;

  • What are the benefits of installing solar panels UK?
  • How much to install solar panels UK?
  • Where can I find the best solar panel installers near me?
  • How long do solar panels UK installation services take?

Why opt for a solar panels UK installation service?

The UK’s solar panel industry is now worth over £1.3bn. While the UK’s weather may not compete with Australia or certain parts of the U.S., harvesting solar energy to power your home through its electrical wiring or solar battery can still deliver stunning results.

In truth, there are many benefits to be gained from adding solar panels to your home. The most telling include, but are not limited to;

  • Financial savings – the average home can expect to save £500 – £1000 on its annual energy bills.
  • Environmental benefits – using renewable energy helps you reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet.
  • Add value – having solar roof panels will upgrade the value of your property and make it more attractive.
  • Stand out – your home will stand out from the neighbours while commercial buildings will impress customers.
  • Easy maintenance – they are easy to protect and maintain while they can additionally help protect your roof.

Given the current cost of energy, there has never been a better time for homeowners to complete a solar panels UK installation.

So, how much to install solar panels UK?

Before completing a solar panels UK installation, you must first understand the proposed costs involved. Frankly, there is no single set price on how much the installation will cost as several variables must be taken into account. Some of the items on the list are;

  • The size of the solar panels needed for your property.
  • Which manufacturer’s products are chosen.
  • The contractor you choose.
  • How much demand there is for solar panel installations at this time of the year.
  • Whether the roof needs treatment before completing the installation.

Generally speaking, a 3.5 kW solar panel system will cost £7,500 – £10,500 for the average home, including the installation costs. While home loans are a possibility, many properties are eligible for 0% down payment financing agreements.

How does a UK solar panels installation service work?

Installing solar panels UK is a job that should almost always be left to the experts. After all, they may need to inspect the roof and rafters. Besides, taking the job on yourself could potentially invalidate your home insurance cover due to poor work. A certified technician is always the best option by far.

Solar panels use intricate technology to turn sunlight photons into electricity, but roof panel installations are quite straightforward for a trained technician. The steps that may be required include;

  • Setting up scaffolding.
  • Attacking roof anchors and solar panel mounts.
  • Completing the solar panel installation and wiring.
  • Connecting inverters to consumer units and solar batteries.
  • Testing the entire roof solar panel system.

While it is a lot of work, most of the tasks are simple for trained professionals that have worked with all major solar panel systems and roofing types. In most cases, the job can be completed in just one day. In some cases, it may take two but it remains a very quick home upgrade.

Where can I find the best solar panel installers near me?

As a homeowner looking to complete a home solar panels installation, you deserve the best upgrade for your home. You need a contractor that can provide a reliable, fast, and affordable service that leaves you with the right solar panels for your home. Likewise, you need the support of an installer who will help you avoid unnecessary maintenance.

If you’ve been searching for “the best solar panel installers near me”, trying to find a contractor that fits the bill can feel like navigating a minefield. CompareQuotesGuru has made the process easier than you ever thought possible.

Simply provide a few details about your intended project and we’ll connect you to a certified contractor that can provide an affordable service on the dates that you require. With a network of contractors from around the UK available, completing a roof solar panels installation never felt so easy.

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