Is Solar Panel Installation Solution to UK Energy Crisis?

Is Solar Panel Installation Solution to UK Energy Crisis

Are you prepared to utilize the energy of the sun for your house? Solar panels make use of the sun’s free energy, one of nature’s most potent resources. Solar panels, sometimes also referred to as PV systems, use semiconductors to convert energy from sunshine into electricity that may power your home. A Guide to the best solar panels in 2022 has been provided below to acquaint you with cost of solar panels cost uk.

Recent advances in solar technology can surely provide viable solutions for the UK energy crisis. Over the last twenty years, the cost of solar panels has been falling rapidly and more quickly than most solar industry personnel anticipated.

Solar panels are the most beneficial investment you can do today if you want a truly sustainable and energy-efficient home. Savings and income depend on a wide range of variables, including but not restricted to consumption, system size, and orientation.

You may produce and store your own green energy, reduce your energy costs, and increase your grid independence with Evergreen Power UK. We assure you to provide you with the best affordable solar panels in the market.

How Clean and Renewable Energy will reduce your Energy Bills?

How Clean and Renewable Energy will reduce your Energy Bills

Solar panels turn sun beams into electricity, allowing you to light your home exactly like you would with electricity from your utility provider. This implies that you have control over how your energy is produced and stored. Your electricity storage, income, and savings are all explained by us.

We put great efforts to guard against the consequences of climate change on our environment. We are really passionate about providing renewable and clean energy solutions to our consumers. When everyone benefits, then only it’s a win-win situation for us. With our solar panels, you may produce 80% of the daily energy requirements for your house and save up to 70% on your electricity costs. Additionally, you could profit from the surplus energy too.


If you live in the UK, you might be wondering how it would function considering our cloudy climate. The point is that the cells can still function even without direct sunshine.

Orienting Solar PV modules is necessary to capture the most daily and seasonal sunshine. Additionally, think about the geographical characteristics, local weather patterns, and the roof’s aspect and condition. For maximum performance, our experts will be able to advise you on where to place solar PV panels for deriving maximum benefits.


Choose a solar battery storage system if you want to maximise the usage of your solar energy and reduce your electricity costs. Your solar panels produce more energy than you need, but the batteries store it so you prefer to use it at night and on cloudy days.

A new or pre-existing home solar system can be used in conjunction with solar battery storage.


Solar energy is one of the most affordable energy sources, according to The International Renewable Energy Agency. The most environmentally friendly and reasonably inexpensive investment with the best return is in solar energy projects.

Sustainable energy sources offer the greatest environmental benefits.

Do you really want to lower your carbon emissions while maintaining affordable energy costs? To find out more about the cost of Solar panels, speak to one of our Solar Experts at the earliest.

Utilize solar energy and battery storage to manage your energy costs.

Ways to Boost the Energy Efficiency of your Home

Generating Solar Energy

Your carbon footprint is reduced since solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t emit any harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide.

Maximize Cost Savings

By going solar, you can defend yourself from price increases by major utility companies and enjoy cheaper monthly electricity costs.
Enrol in the Solar Community
With the help of solar power and battery storage, nearly millions of UK homes have already discovered a new revenue stream.

Benefit from Warranty Protection

With the lifetime warranties and minimal to no maintenance requirements of some of our solar products, your installation will provide you with years of trouble-free utilization.

Not only this, you can defend yourself against the major energy corporations raising the price of electricity by putting solar panels on your property. When you need the most electricity, which is in the evening, solar panels will produce electricity throughout the day and preserve it in a battery storage system for you to utilise during odd hours.

By offering a renewable and clean source of energy, solar power lowers CO2 emissions. Your home has solar panels that absorb solar energy and turn it into electricity.

How do we choose the best solar panels?

Photovoltaic cell efficiency is based on silicon type and cell design, and overall panel efficiency is based on cell layout, configuration, and panel size. These two key elements together define the efficiency of solar panels. The most effective solar panels will have the largest surface areas, which will boost efficiency by increasing the panel size.

Calculate the solar panel efficiency and contrast it with the industry average. Compare the manufacturer’s warranties with the 10–25 year industry average.
Efficiency is crucial, but the most effective panels aren’t always the best deal. Compare top solar panels to relative efficiency through reviews and public ratings.

Numerous variables such as temperature, irradiance level, cell type, and cell interconnection, can have an impact on a panel’s overall efficiency. Surprisingly, efficiency can be impacted by the colour of the shielding back sheet. Although a black back sheet may be more aesthetically captivating, it absorbs more heat, raising the cell temperature and increasing resistance, which in turn marginally lowers the efficiency of the entire conversion process.

When choosing a solar panel, many people believe efficiency to be the most crucial factor. However, manufacturing quality, which is connected to real-world performance, dependability, manufacturer service, and warranty terms, is actually more significant. Read carefully before selecting the best solar panels for your house.

Why Choose Us?

As energy costs have hit record highs, solar energy companies have found it difficult to keep pace with the surge in demand from homes wishing to install solar panels. Solar panels can reduce annual electricity costs and help you save up to 70% on your monthly electricity bills, depending on the kind, size, and configuration of the system and the residence.

In addition to highlighting the most innovative solar panels from the top manufacturers, we evaluate the most recent solar panels and solar batteries and explain how cutting-edge PV cell technologies can enhance performance and efficiency. We have the expertise and experience to support and guide you through every stage of your project and answer any queries you may have about installation process.

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