How Spray Foam Insulation can help in the current energy crisis in the UK

How Spray Foam Insulation can help in the current energy crisis in the UK

The implications or benefits of home insulation schemes for people and the economy in general, are still ignored by the UK government. Although the initial cost of spray foam insulation may appear high, the numerous advantages in terms of health, income, and energy savings guarantee that such initiatives repay for themselves in typically first five years and also ensure to have a significant impact on the next following decades and aid in minimising energy crisis.

Amazingly, when integrated with the development of the renewable energy network, a thriving scheme of spray foam insulation, heat pump installation and the phasing out of gas boilers would significantly lower UK carbon emissions.

We are completely well-acquainted with the fact that Spray foam has excellent insulating qualities, water and moisture resistance and is relatively simple to apply on tough surfaces where traditional insulation would otherwise cease to function, and it really works efficiently in warding off a potential energy crisis.

How does Spray Foam Insulation curtail Energy Bills?

It works as a great resistance against heat loss by producing a polyurethane mixture by combining two chemical components under high pressure and hence cutting down on energy bills. Foam insulation is produced quickly as the solution is sprayed over a surface. The foam then would expand and harden to its finish, offering remarkable thermal qualities and curtail down on heavy energy bills.

A unique trait of spray foam insulation uk is that it offers true airtightness without the minimum use of additional materials. Foam outperforms and exceeds nearly all other traditional insulation solutions in terms of thermal performance and energy savings.

Spray foam insulation is installed up to five times faster than conventional materials like PIR boards or fibre-based insulators, depending on the size and thickness of the area to be insulated.

How much energy is saved by Spray Foam Insulation?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you might reduce your monthly energy costs by up to 20% by installing insulation and fixing air leaks. In fact, heating and cooling consume 56% of the energy utilised in a home. The cost of heating and cooling a home can be increased by up to 30% through air infiltration. In addition, it can facilitate the passage of contaminants, insects, and rodents as well as difficulties with moisture, noise, and dust.

Your roof or crawl space’s gaps and cracks are completely sealed with spray foam insulation. Compared to other types of insulation, spray foam insulation offers a strong tight seal that is less porous to air penetration. Annual Expenditure on heating and cooling can be considerably reduced by reducing infiltration.

The regulation of temperature accounts for the majority of your home’s energy costs. A home’s heating and cooling costs are always high. Not only you would be overspending, but your home would not be as cosy as it may be if your insulation is not forming the ideal barrier. In addition to lowering your monthly expenses, spray foam insulation would improve indoor temperature control regardless of the weather. Your HVAC system won’t have to function as tough to keep your house cool in summer and warm in the winter with the coating of spray foam insulation.

Is Spray foam insulation safe to use?

And the answer is simply yes. It is absolutely safe from an environmental perspective and serious health concerns. It is made of polyurethane, which is produced utilising a two-part chemical system that includes a catalyst and resin and hundred per cent eco-friendly. When the catalyst is coupled with the resin, which is made from renewable plastics, non-hazardous contraction is produced which is truly fine for your overall health. Compared to traditional insulation, spray foam insulation offers better protection. It has the capacity to move and bend, enabling it to adapt when a house settles over time.

Additionally, while dampness, rain, and wind may all be harmful, it is better prepared to handle them. Because a fire suppressant is incorporated into spray foam insulation, it not only lessens the risk of fire spreading but also might lower the likelihood that a building will catch fire in the initial stage.

Moreover, a wonderful approach to insulate your house and significantly reduce the risk of energy loss is to add spray foam insulation in suspected leaking spots. There would be no space for air leakage and energy withdrawal because it stretches when it gets wet and perfectly binds the spaces and gaps. Spray foam insulation ensures an impermeable barrier in all gaps and crevices in your house or place of business that cellulose batt insulation would otherwise leave unfilled.

Spray foam insulation as per the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors can last more than 80 years. Rock wool, foamboard, loose-fill, and cellulose insulation can all last up to 100 years at the same time.

UK Government Energy Saving Schemes

  • Under the government-sponsored Energy Company Obligation or ECO programme, eligible households may receive a free replacement for their old, inefficient boilers or significant financial assistance.
  • The Green Deal in the UK enables you to undertake energy-saving home improvements and determine the most advantageous method of financing them. Your home will determine the changes that might save you the most energy but common examples include insulation, such as loft, cavities, or solid wall insulation, heating appliances, double glazing, and renewable energy production like solar panels or heat pumps.
  • The Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland is a programme applicable only in Scotland or HEEPS. 
  • The UK government has a financial programme called the Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI to encourage the use of solar heating, which can help the nation’s carbon emissions and climate change impacts.

Your property’s thermal efficiency and value will be validated by home inspections based on lower energy costs. Spray Foam Insulation can increase the resale value of your home making it the finest investment you can ever make. Compared to traditional insulation, spray foam insulation offers homeowners a lot more leverage and energy benefits and crucially curtails energy bills. With spray foam insulation you can design an energy-efficient home with 50% less heat loss that adds to the overall economy and wards off a potential energy crisis.

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